Jun 24, 2020
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Wedding embroidery dresses

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All girls want to become the most attractive brides. The bridal dress should highlight her beauty and personality, and make this day really special.

Today, designers are ready to offer a variety of styles of wedding dresses. The most elegant are embroidery attires. Their design is unique and chic. It allows the bride to look like a real princess on this magical day.

There are different varieties of embroidery on bridal gowns.

The golden ornament on the bride’s outfit looks very elegant and rich. Intricate patterns are especially stylish on ivory apparels. Embroidery can be placed on the bodice or on the skirt. This outfit will create a luxurious and unique look.

You can create an original image of the bride with attires decorated with national embroidery. Such motifs enhance the beauty of the girl and make the look rather mysterious. These patterns are usually made in bright colors and carry a special meaning. Traditional Ukrainian bridal apparel can be embroidered in green, red or yellow shades.

Beading or stones are often used to decorate wedding gowns. These apparels look magnificent and gorgeous. The stones shimmer spectacularly in the sun and attract attention.

We all know that outfits with hand embroidery are much more expensive than other dresses. However, if you prefer this kind of a gown, you can be sure everyone will admire you.

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