Nov 18, 2020
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Bohemian style

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Bohemian style is something special in modern fashion. Its main characteristics are a particular proportion of negligence, eclecticism (styles mixture), and the prevalence of free cut in clothes. It is not so easy to combine clothes of this style although it can be considered this way. To make a proper outfit in bohemian style, you need to have a good sense of measure and taste.

The prevalence of bohemian dresses is flowing, loose. Ethnic or vintage prints as icat or paisley are often found here. The dresses in bohemian style also frequently have psychedelic prints and various kaleidoscopic patterns. The bohemian dresses are not limited by one model. Here, you can find either maxi or mini dresses, kimonos, strapless dresses and so on. Such dresses add femininity and tenderness to women’s image. Everyone is able to find in this style something to her taste.

You are free to combine bohemian apparel with modern fashion elements. For instance, choose a pearl ring or a blazer to look classic.

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