Apr 14, 2020
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Boho wedding dresses

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If you want to be the most charming and gentle bride, choose a wedding dress in Boho style. They are now at the height of fashion and are considered as “bohemian chic”. They are a great alternative to the famous dresses in the Greek style and classic corsets.

Such wedding dresses emphasize the elegance and grace of the bride. They will give her a special charm and create a romantic image. These marvelous dresses are perfect for wedding ceremonies in unusual places. Instead of a traditional restaurant, a party can be held in an ancient castle with centuries of history, in a cozy hunting house and other similar places.

The Bohemian style was originated in an incredibly scenic location in the Czech Republic. Originally, the word “Bohemian” was used to call Gypsies living on the territory. Later this word gave the name to the whole style. When designers create outfits in this style direction, they use light flowing fabrics, decorated with hand embroidered and ethnic motifs. Unusual flower ornaments, cute ruffle and original decorations make the wedding dresses in Boho style extremely romantic.

The bride in this dress looks especially tender and fragile. The silhouette will emphasize the natural beauty of the bride. Every girl dreams of this fabulous day, a properly selected dress can help make the event truly memorable. Materials such as silk, linen or chiffon, as well as the original patterns on the dress will help to create such a magical image.

Lace decoration on the dress of maxi length visually makes figure slimmer, more graceful and fragile.

Don’t forget about catchy accessories that will add bright colors to the gentle image of the bride. Large beads or bracelets of the unusual form are perfect for Boho wedding dresses.

Bohemian style does not imply too sophisticated hairstyle. It is better to choose beautifully braided hair. Decorate your hair with ribbons or delicate wreath of flowers. It is preferable to use jewelry with colored stones.

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