Jun 9, 2020
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Chinese wedding dresses

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When choosing a wedding dress in China a greater role plays tradition. It is worth noting, the white color is not recommended for brides. Traditional dress should be red. It is an iconic color of the Asian culture. This shade is also used for all other attributes of the marriage ceremony, presents decoration and invitations.

The red color in Asian culture is considered a symbol of good luck, it protects from evil spirits. Traditional bride’s attire is sewn of red silk. Earlier, the red veil was used to hide the bride’s face during the ceremony. The girl’s head was adorned with skillfully woven flowers or other accessories. Original pattern with a phoenix and dragon, embroidered on the gown symbolized the harmony between man and woman.

Tsipao and Cheongsam can be called the traditional styles of bridal gowns.

However, in the outfit’s design traditional motifs from other cultures are often used. Among them, there are Mongolian, Tibetan, Taiwanese and other customs of the peoples of China. Most of these dresses are also in red.

Many of the outfits for the brides are embroidered with gold. However, not all Chinese masters know this art. It is important to find an experienced and skilled master. That’s why only wealthy Chinese brides can afford the wedding gown with real gold embroidery.

At present wedding apparels are sewn from various fabrics. So, even the Chinese with little material wealth can afford a marvelous bridal wear.

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