Sep 28, 2019
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Classic wedding dresses

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Classics will never go out of fashion. Choosing a classic bridal gown, you can be sure that it would be appropriate even for any thematic wedding ceremony. In contrast to the extravagant outfits, it will never look ridiculous.

The classic bridal gown can be fluffy or tight. Fluffy models are often called “princess”. Among their main characteristics it is worth noting the following:

  • the corset top is often sewed with a fluffy skirt. In some cases, it can be separate. The bodice of such dresses is usually beautifully decorated. Delicate lace or beading, the original patterns of beads or faux pearls give the dress a special style and elegance. Outfits can be strappy or leave the shoulders open. Some designers add sleeves. They are elegantly embellished or made of lace;
  • the waistline is always beautifully highlighted. The belt can be decorated with original embroidery, rhinestones or lace. Artificial flowers are also used to create a more eye-catching image.

Traditionally, the classic models of wedding dresses are of white color. This color is anciently considered a symbol of chastity and purity. However, not everyone regards it the best option for a bridal dress.

Another mandatory feature of the classic bridal dress is a maxi length. Any other length will be considered a deviation from the accepted canons.

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