Jul 5, 2020
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Colorful wedding dresses

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Even small details can make your wedding outfit unique and stylish. One of the ways to diversify the bride’s attire will be to use a colored ribbon or a wide belt. It not only beautifully emphasizes the waist but also adds some bright accents to your look. You can tie a beautiful bow or leave the ends roll down the skirt.

Color inserts will make your outfit eye-catching and memorable. Decorate your white attire with the colored lace ruffles and it will look original and attractive. Colored flounces or draping on a white background also look very unusual.

Dresses-transformers are the best solutions for stylish brides. Such outfits consist of several parts which differ in color or texture of fabrics. These parts of the costume are removable. Bolero or an upper skirt can be the removable parts.

Choose footwear and accessories carefully. If you want to get a monochrome image, then find accessories in the same color as the dress. They should only vary in shades. Silver or golden shoes perfectly go with the colorful outfits. If you have a white dress, the veil can include color elements. If you prefer a colored dress, do not add color accents to the veil. Small hat or tiara looks especially great.

Choose the jewelry and consider the color of your dress. For dresses in warm tones take gold jewelry with yellow stones. Attires of cool tones go perfectly with silver and pearl jewelry or white metal.

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