May 16, 2020
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Dresses for cocktail party

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If you are going to visit a cocktail party, choose an outfit carefully. No need to put on too luxurious evening dress. Give preference to elegant cocktail dresses. Simple one color models without excessive decoration will look great. Length is also important. You should avoid dresses above the knee or below the ankle. Previously it was thought that such a dress should be without sleeves or collar. However modern fashion trends are not so strict.

A deep neckline or a cutout on the back is also inappropriate. As for fabrics, pay attention to the lightweight chiffon, delicate lace, silk or satin. Many ladies consider a black dress the perfect solution for such events and fashion experts agree with them.

Do not use a lot of catchy jewelry. A pearl necklace, an elegant bracelet or small earrings with gemstones will be a perfect complement to your look.

Pay special attention to the choice of shoes. You will have to walk, stand or dance for a long time. Footwear should be comfortable. It is better to choose classic models. The perfect solution will be closed toe shoes without any decoration. Don’t forget about stockings or tights. They should be subtle and of classic quiet tones. Don’t wear colored tights. Complete your image with stylish accessories and be ready to hear many compliments.

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