Jul 16, 2020
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Formal Dance Long Dress

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Ballroom dancing as a real sport opened its history and formation in the beginning of the last cenruty in France and England . What influenced it ? The emergence of new musical styles, growing interest in the pair dance and familiarity with incendiary Europeans African-Latin folk dances, canonized gradually created a dance program. There was no any exception and clothes for ballroom dancers.  Mostly skills of the dancers were required.
Dance costume is the original card of the pair of dancers. Michael and Joanna , during the dance of a lot  of pairs , are not going to give up , bright , colorful and gorgeous costumes will help dancers to create an unique look , to complete well their dance. . The main idea  of the suit – to highlight a couple on the dance floor. Nowadays , judges are about  to pay  attention to how clothes for ballroom dancing follow certain standards. . And even, the number of cases of disqualification of dancing couples due to errors in the selection of costumes, become   more and more often every year.


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