Mar 10, 2020
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Mermaid wedding dresses

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As the day of the wedding is coming, each bride plans to buy the most charming dress. Among the most popular styles is a mermaid wedding dress. The bride in this outfit looks extremely glamorous, as the dress favorably emphasizes all the dignity of the figure.

The photos of the outfits of the described style will make sure that the girl in it resembles a fairy-tale character – a Beautiful Little Mermaid. This is achieved by a complex cut: the dress tightly fits the figure from the top to the middle or to the knees, and then expands, forming a semblance of a “fish tail”. Thanks to an interesting silhouette, mermaid wedding dresses are the most feminine and beautiful models. They favorably emphasize the seductive curves of the female figure.

In the wedding image, you can include a small evening bag – clutch. This accessory should be in harmony with the flared part of the dress.

Shoes for a “fish” dress style must be on high heels. Ballet flats do not fit categorically.

Jewelry should be chosen in accordance with the style of the dress. A classic option is a jewelry with pearls. But you can use other variants. The main thing – is to avoid massive accessories with the dress of this style, elegant ornaments are perfectly combined.

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