Nov 6, 2019
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Military Ball dresses

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Often partner can say to the invitation to something like «And you can dance ? I’ll give you a chance but I warn you : you will have to try !» , or «In fact , do you have my number ? I ll wait for your call! » At the meeting time you will again remind a mate about hours before the evening and then it is a time for making a choice about graduation dress. Then comes the most intriguing thing – waiting for each other . Before the entrance can be the first surprise . If your partner have grown out of teen – he will not dance . However , he will be anyway your partner and will be on all ball photos.
For the rest white limousine is served –where everyone sit down and go to school . At the same time you can see other teens going to school in casual clothes . The most important – its photos . Upon arrival, the memory is generated with a photo of your Sim with a partner or without dancing on a background of standard backdrops. Such memories can be saved in memory of sim as a small picture.


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