Sep 24, 2020
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Needle & Thread mini cocktail dress

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Gold is so popular , but it can be a great colour to wear if you know how to carry it well. But usually  some people make the mistake of overdoing the already thick colour of gold.Wearing gold color requires attention and good taste. We are sure that you have it ! But if  you are one of those people who is just overdoing it, then make sure that you do it rightly. You will never make a mistake of paring a white dress with white shoes but then the good thing is that you can wear gold shoes with a gold dress. So, do not be afraid to experiment when it is about  gold.It is very nice and glossy color.  The needle and thread design on the dress gives it a kind of innocent and cute look, that is elegant and beautiful in the same time.  And you can also put on some accessories just to make sure that you are completing the look of gold that is the most impressing thing ever. Try on some small earrings or put some little rings on your fingers.



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