Mar 12, 2020
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Cocktail dress with one shoulder

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If you can brag about beautiful refined shoulders, the dresses with one shoulder are definitely for you. With the help of such asymmetry, you can make an accent on an open shoulder demonstrating its collarbones and complimenting your skin tone. Therefore, this dress can be a perfect chose for a party or just going out in the evening. In such dress, you will stand out of the crowd for sure. Wearing a black necklace, you can show contrast and underline elegance. High heels are advisable for such dresses. They can create an impression that your legs longer and demonstrate slim beautiful legs. To finish up your outfit, think about the hairstyle. The tail is one of the most appropriate hairstyles. With the tail, you will look incredibly sophisticated. In order to look casual, you are free to keep your hair loose. Take a small bag or a clutch. You are free to play with different color combinations. Do not be afraid of experiments.

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