Apr 27, 2020
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One shoulder dresses

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The dresses with one sleeve belong to the latest fashion trends. For the cold season, choose a dress of thick knitwear, for hotter days fashion designers offer lightweight chiffon and silk models. But not all women like these outfits. They are not universal, and it is better to put them on a special occasion. These models are called asymmetrical because they have only one sleeve. They are designed for special occasions or parties, where ladies want to attract everyone’s attention. These dresses can hide some figure flaws. True fashionistas wear these outfits to become the center of attention. Most of these models are made in one color. They are already quite daring and catchy without any additional bright accents or other decorations. Too complex ornamentation on these dresses will divert attention from the original cut. So, use a minimum of accessories for these outfits. Models are designed for women of different sizes. Slender ladies will look great in slinky outfits, for women with more prominent forms it is better to choose loose models. If you don’t like the shape of your legs, hide them under the long dress with asymmetric sleeves. Evening one shoulder dresses perfectly complement the open high-heeled shoes, sandals are also appropriate. You should not choose bright catchy accessories. It will be enough to have a fine bracelet or a necklace, elegant earrings, and a discreet ring.

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