Jun 12, 2020
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One sleeve cocktail dresses

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One sleeve cocktail dresses usually have a slinky silhouette and highlight all the curves of your figure. Moreover, these outfits can have a deep cutout at the back or alluring slits at the waist.

Such a dress can be long or short. They are suitable for everyday wear or special events. For special occasions, these outfits will be the perfect solution. By adding the catchy accessories and choosing the appropriate footwear, you will be able to create a truly enchanting look.

One sleeve attires have some specific features:

  • usually such outfits are made of plain fabrics without any complicated patterns. Too complex print will look out of place;
  • short outfits have slinky silhouette whereas maxi dresses are loose;
  • the main distinguishing feature of such dresses is the minimum use of additional accessories.

You are free in choosing the footwear for such outfits. Sandals, classic shoes with high heels or low shoes will look great. For loose models, you can find a nice hat. For short dresses, an elegant clutch bag will be the best finishing touch.

The abundance of flashy accessories cannot be combined with monochromatic one sleeve dresses.

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