Mar 21, 2020
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Sleeved cocktail dresses

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Generally, cocktail dresses are without sleeves. It is a classic version. Sleeved cocktail dresses have been designed especially for business receptions. In such occasions, where you are limited by the dress code and have to look at the same time well-dressed and formal, the sleeved cocktail dresses come to the rescue. One more practical use of these dresses are parties in the open air. They look magnificent and hide some details that are desired to be covered. Moreover, the dresses are indispensable in cool weather. Thus, a long sleeved dress made of thick quality fabric will be popular in winter. As the upper part of the dress is covered and the accent is put on the bottom, it is a great opportunity to show off beautiful legs. To diversify the top of the dress and make it more elegant and solemn, the designers suggest the dresses with lace and chiffon sleeves. The trend is dark-colored sleeved dresses. Therefore, putting on a dark blue, chocolate, black cocktail dress, you’ll be the star of the party. If you consider the sleeved cocktail dresses only as the models for cold seasons, you’re fully mistaken. There are plenty of possible outfits for summer. The sleeved dresses for summer are usually of bright juicy colors and a finer fabric. To have all eyes on you, wear these dresses with high heels to show off the legs. Add relevant accessories such as earrings, necklace, a bracelet and be elegant.

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