Jun 8, 2020
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Velvet evening dresses

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Velvet evening gowns always look wonderful. This fabric shimmers beautifully and effectively emphasizes the figure. Velvet is very pleasant to wear. It is most often used in designing evening dresses and occasionally for business outfits.

Fashionistas will be surprised by the variety of models of such dresses. Their length and styles can vary. Velvet is often combined with other fabrics. The combination of lace and velvet looks especially great and elegant.

Velvet dresses of any color will look rich and stylish. This fabric has always been a symbol of wealth and luxury. So, the color of velvet mostly follows the colors of precious stones. You can find sapphire, emerald, amethyst or ruby velvet attires. In them you will feel like a real queen.

Such attires look exquisitely and chic even without any additional decorations. However, many designers prefer to use the original cuts or certain decor to create amazing evening dresses.

The most common decoration for these apparels is the lace. The combination of these two textures allows you to create a true masterpiece. Lace can adorn the bodice or the hem of the dress, neckline or sleeves. In addition to lace satin, silk or chiffon can be used. Leather décor will look especially daring and catchy.

Classic high-heeled shoes are necessary for such look. You should not choose suede models. Prefer patent or matte leather shoes. Don’t forget that the shoes should be comfortable first of all.

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