Aug 30, 2019
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Winter wedding dresses

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A wedding ceremony in winter is a truly magical event. The bride looks like a princess from the fairy tale. A correctly chosen dress will make any girl attractive and graceful. Everybody will admire your magnificent apparel.

You are free to choose fabrics for a winter bridal gown. It can be luxurious velvet and brocade, taffeta, or a flowing satin. Wedding gowns in this season can be of any color. Outfit of any shade will look amazing against the white snow. For winter models designers often use fur to decorate the bodice or collar of the attire. This gives winter gowns elegance and special style.

Cape and Bolero

These elements of the bride’s outfit are made of fur. They are cropped sleeveless jackets which cover the shoulders but leave the neckline bare.

You can choose various models of capes or bolero with hooks or ties. Choose the appropriate variant in accordance with your wedding dress style.

Jacket or a short coat

The length of these coats is usually up to the waist. They have sleeves; you can choose jackets with fasteners or without them.

A coat or a fur coat

It is a perfect solution for long winter shoots. They will not only look fabulous on any bride but also warm you on a cold day. The fur can be natural or artificial.


This accessory will allow you to feel like a real princess. You will be able to keep your hands warm and protect them from the wind. They can also be of natural or artificial materials.

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